This page contains some code project that I’ve worked on. Up to date information can be found on my GitHub profile.

GraphBasisFunctions (Python)

This code implements interpolation and approximation methods on graphs by Graph Basis Functions, which are a type of positive definite kernels that generalize Radial Basis Functions. This code was used to run and test an influence maximization algorithm based on the greedy minimization of the posterior variance of the Gaussian Process associated to the kernel.
With Salvatore Cuomo Wolfgang Erb

Digital Contact Tracing (Python)

This repository contains the code associated to a digital contact tracing project, where we coupled a mathematical model of the spread of an infectious disease with an agent-based simulation on a temporal network of real human contacts.
With Giulia Cencetti Antonio Longa Emanuele Pigani

VKOGA (Python)

This package implements the Vectorial Kernel Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm, and many of its further extensions. The code can be used for the efficient selection of sampling points for kernel approximation and interpolation by means of several greedy algorithms.
With Tizian Wenzel

Data driven UQ benchmark (Matlab/Octave)

These files contain the datasets and executables of a simulator of a carbon dioxide storage problem. The dataset was used in a data-driven uncertainty quantification benchmark.

EigenApprox (Matlab/Octave)

This bunch of functions implements an algorithm for the numerical approximation of the eigenfunctions associated to the Mercer operator of a strictly positive definite kernel. The code was part of my PhD thesis.